Frequently hailed as one of the most pleasant cities to visit, Geneva is full of qualities. Huddled along Lake Geneva and with the Alps a few kilometres away, Geneva was home to many historical figures such as Henri Dunant, founder of the Red Cross, John Calvin, supporter of the Reform who preached hundreds of times at Saint-Pierre Cathedral. Let’s not forget the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau for a small island bears his name at the heart of the city: Ile Rousseau. 

Today, Geneva is an absolutely cosmopolitan city that houses the biggest international organisations in the world from the United Nations to the World Health Organisation, as well as the CERN – the European Centre for Nuclear Research. 

It is the second most populated city of Switzerland and a crucial financial hub. Calvin’s city is reputed for its luxury stores and equally luxurious homes but it is also well provided with culture thanks to its numerous museums, theatres and an impeccably charming old town. 

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