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The Jura in a few words

Jura Moutiers vote

Situated in the French mountains of Jura in Northwestern Switzerland, lies the 26th Swiss canton, which became member of the confederation not long ago. 

This canton with its 73 106 residents, among 37 912 are living in the municipality of Delsberg, became part of canton Bern in 1815 after the decision of the Congress of Vienna. Due to most of the residents speaking French there has always been tension and still are. 

During the 19th century these conflicts intensified, and the split with the German-speaking neighbors led to a vote of all Swiss cantons in 1978, creating the canton Jura. The admission of Moutier to the canton in 2017 revealed long existing and still present disputes. 

An heritage

Jura saingeLegier

The dialect of Jura is an official cultural heritage of the canton. It consists of three dialects of the Franc-Comtois and is the only Swiss-French dialect of the Langue d’Oïl, therefore it is a linguistically unique specialty of Switzerland. 

The religious canton with 70% catholics among its residents became one of the first „sister republics” of France in 1792. 

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