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Uri in a few words

Uri Tell

Uri, whose name derives from the Celtic word "Ure"(bull), is one of the three founding members of Switzerland. It signed the declaration of the confederation in 1291 together with the other centrally located cantons of the country, Schwyz and Nidwalden. Thus, the confederation of these three cantons was established and laid the foundation of Switzerland. 

It participated in the battle of Sempach against the Habsburger in 1386. The catholic canton opposed the protestant reformation and was member of the special alliance in 1847, which was a catholic separatist alliance defeated by the Swiss Confederation in 1847 during the Swiss Confederation War. 


Uri Andermatt

The cantons with its official language of German counts up to 36 100 residents and thus it is the second populated canton after Appenzell Innerrhoden. Furthermore, two third of the population of Uri lives in the plains of Reuss. 

Thoroughfare place

Uri Gothard

Due to its central location, the region is an important center for transportation. One of the two accesses to the Gotthard pass as well as the tunnel for trains and highway traffic are located in the canton of Uri. Currently a new train tunnel is being built, opening in 2018 with a length of 57km it will be the longest tunnel in the world. Thus the age-long important role of this canton will continue. 

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