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What types of data does the ZIP.ch phone book contain?

The ZIP.ch phone book contains shared data directly from the regulated database hold by Swisscom Directories LTD. It includes the following information for individuals (if available):

  • surname (spouses’ name if present)
  • joint surname (or maiden name)
  • first name (and additional first names, if present)
  • occupation
  • street and building number
  • location and post code
  • telephone/fax number
  • mobile phone number

For businesses/institutions:

  • Company name
  • Business activity
  • Mobile number
  • Street and number and/or post office box
  • E-mail address
  • Post code/location
  • Phone number
  • Other locations, e.g. additional branches

For further information concerning the regulation of Swiss public phone books, take a look at the Swisscom Directories Ltd FAQ.

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