Phonebook 2.0 for Switzerland -

Reverse phone lookup

Hello! 🙂

Whose number is that?

What's a reverse phone lookup?

The reverse phone lookup feature allows you to discover the identity of an unknown caller. This feature is useful when you receive a call or a message from a phone number you don't know.

The reverse phone lookup directory helps you easily discover the name of the caller. To do so, simply enter the number of the caller in the search bar to find their name and address.

How do I search the phonenumber ?

  1. Enter your correspondent's phone number in the search bar
  2. The results will then be displayed if the number is in the database of our numbers (official public directory database)
  3. We will also let you know if we think the number is a marketing number
  4. No results are visible for your search?
    1. Check that the entered number is correct
    2. Try to remove the last 2 digits to perform a more extensive search
    3. Correspondent may not be listed in the public directory

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How not to appear in reverse lookup searches?

Everyone has the right to refuse to appear in the reverse lookup phone directory. The conditions for deleting your information are the same as for the normal phone directory. If your information is registered with Swisscom Directories SA, please refer to this FAQ or if you have registered your information directly with, go to FAQ.