Who are we?


ZIP.ch is the new 2.0 directory for Switzerland. It aims to offer users a simple and effective search tool covering all businesses and individuals listed in the Swiss phone directory while encouraging business owners to take control of  and enhance their listing. The basic datas available on ZIP.ch are identical to those provided by Swisscom Directories SA.

The ZIP.ch search tool also offers a ‘reverse phone directory’ feature (lookup by landline or mobile number), giving users maximum search flexibility.

In addition to its mapping and route planning services, the ZIP.ch online directory provides a whole series of themed articles about Switzerland’s main cities.

A free offer for everyone

Each listing available in the ZIP.ch directory can be claimed and then personalized free-of-charge by its owner via the dedicated customer area in ‘My Account’. ZIP.ch also allows users to create their listing from scratch, if it doesn’t already exist in the database.

A listing is effectively an electronic business card for anyone looking to promote their business on the web.

Designed for businesses!

The ZIP.ch directory is a genuine alternative for SMEs and businesses keen to promote their activities and boost their visibility in an online phone book. They can achieve an optimal position in the directory's search results by using advanced listing features, such as choosing several search categories or adding the Top Listing option.

Businesses can also take advantage of sophisticated publishing tools to create a brand image that truly reflects their identity, thanks to our cost-effective Premium options and flexible commitment terms.

Our company

First and foremost, ZIP.ch is the thrilling human adventure of a start-up launched in 2014.

The company consists of a small team of people who are passionate about the latest technologies and who strive daily to develop and deliver a dynamic platform that is both useful and user-friendly.

In today’s fully digitized environment, SMEs and businesses need to be visible and instantly accessible online, while providing users with up-to-date key information. This is what we offer with our simple search tool, which is enjoyable to use, efficient, and most importantly… free for everyone!” – Alexandre de Senger, CEO.

Your ZIP.ch team, at your service

Alexandre de Senger - CEO & Founder
Nicolas Giorgini - Legal Counsel
Aurélien Rudaz - UX Designer
Marc Brusatin - Web Editor, Community Manager
Hugo Torres - Senior Software Developer
Cédric Carrard - Software Developer
Emmanuel Vuigner - Frontend Developer
Léon Chabbey - Software Developer, trainee