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What are the benefits of using ZIP.ch?

The ZIP.ch directory enables quick and efficient searches for the addresses and telephone numbers of individuals, establishments and companies in Switzerland. It includes a reverse directory function and targeted search by email, phone number, postal address and by locality.

In addition to its integrated map and route finder, ZIP.ch offers an exclusive range of tools allowing companies, freelancers and individuals to enhance the content they wish to share with users of the platform for free and, on a wider scale, with internet users looking for targeted information and local services.

The editing form, available in "My Account", makes it easy and intuitive to take possession of a registration and allows users to add:

  • Heir additional contact information (additional addresses, instant messaging, etc.)
  • Their website or blog 
  • Their email address
  • Their opening hours
  • Their social networks
  • Their logo or photo 
  • A description of their business or their profile
  • Their accepted payment methods

The directory also offers feature for professionals who want to enhance their reputation on the platform with advanced features such as the Top Position option.

For more information about ZIP.ch’s products and services, see this FAQ.

To take possession of your existing registration (through the claims process) or to add a new one to the directory, click here.

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