The route planner


What is a route planner?

Route planner

It is a topographical route navigation service. Its main function is to determine the fastest route from your departure point to your destination. The optimum trajectory is plotted onto the map included in the tool and a complete description of the steps for your journey is then displayed on your screen.

How does the route planner work?

The basic instructions

First, enter your place of departure and your destination. Then select your mode of transport (car, on foot or by public transport). The optimum route is then quickly calculated and displayed on the map. The details of your route and the navigation instructions according to the chosen mode of transport are indicated and allow you to see all the steps of your journey.

The recommended route is marked in blue on the map, with your starting point marked with a green A pointer and your destination displayed with a red B pointer. Note that the route planner is able to automatically determine your current location provided the geolocation function is correctly activated in the settings on your device.

Map extras

The route planner map allows you to locate and zoom in on a specific location as well as use some viewing and exploration modes (Street View mode, for example). To activate the Street View mode, click on the yellow man icon at the top right of the map and select the desired location. Then navigate with your mouse or touch screen and see the location in an image.

The itinerary guide only works if your device is connected to the internet and does not allow offline navigation. To access your content offline, print the map or make a copy of your screen.

The map is provided and constantly updated by Google Map.