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Geneva in a few words

The canton of Geneva was founded 1541 by Jean Calvin and is part of Switzerland since 1815. Geneva is a small canton, but densely populated with population of about 489 400. It is located in the Western part of Switzerland and 95% of it is surrounded by France. One of the most unique characteristics of Geneva results from its variety of small municipalities and its international atmosphere on one hand and from its well-preserved rural areas on the other. Even though Geneva has had a long agricultural and wine-growing tradition, its main orientation nowadays is the service sector.

The International Geneva

Geneva CICR

Due to its important banking sector, which is well known in the international trading business, Geneva is the sixth of all financially influential places in the world. The city of Calvin is, amongst others, the founding area of the Red Cross, which was founded 1864 by Henri Dunant. Other associations like Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders are also located here. 

The United Nations

Geneva ONU

The United Nations office, which is located in the Palais des Nations, is a central representation of the city and testifies to the country’s long humanitarian tradition. The Geneva office runs two third of the institution’s activities, for example the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization.

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