Mit seinen rund 140’000 Einwohnern ist Bern die fünftgrösste Stadt der Schweiz. 

Headquarter of the federal government of Switzerland and to many international organisations, the capital is situated around a crook in the Aare River, facing the Alps. Its medieval old town, following a reconstruction after a fire in 1405, is so well preserved that it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Proof is in its monuments such as the Clock Tower, the Federal Palace and the Bear Pit. The city also features various internationally renown cultural spots such as the Paul Klee centre, a major artist of the 20th century born in Bern, not to mention, the house of Albert Einstein. 

With its bear park at the edge of the old town, its arcades, its new entertainment and shopping centre, the Westside and also its onion market «Zibelemärit» on every fourth Monday of November, the city of Bern is a classy mix of modernity and tradition. For visitors of all ages, it is often an unforgettable stay. 

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