Italian-speaking part of Switzerland: situated between the Mount Brè and the Mount San Salvatore, on the north side of lake Lago Ceresio, commonly known as Lake Lugano, the city of Lugano is the third most important financial hub of Switzerland, as well as one of the most important touristic locations of the country. 

Its pleasant microclimate is perfect for water activities but also for hikes in the heart of nature. From its ancient Etruscan and Gallic origins, the capital of Ticino harbours various architectural styles, from palaces to religious edifices. The city invests a great means into its cultural institutions such as its art and history museums. 

The city centre of Lugano is reminiscent of many Latin cities with its plazas, fountains and terraces. The Via Nassa, the main shopping street in Lugano is filled with luxury brands and holds the title of fifth most expensive street in Switzerland, and the most expensive in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. 

In a word, Lugano is a great mix between Italian charm and Swiss lifestyle. 

Photos credit: ©Lugano Tourisme





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