Huddled on a rocky headland, the city of Fribourg is located on a remarkable site. The Sarine, the river that crosses the city, is the natural border between German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. 

Its history goes all the way back to 1157 when the Duc Berthold IV of Zähringen, for military and economic reasons, decided to establish a new fortified city in the region. Thanks to this past, Fribourg harbours one of the most unique medieval treasures in all of Europe, with over 200 edifices that create its unique charm.

Profoundly catholic, the city is world-renowned for its main university. Also a top location for gastronomy, Fribourg attracts each year thousands of tourists who come to discover its centre and cultural history. Many personalities contributed to its fame, such as the artist Jean Tinguely and race car driver Jo Siffert, born in Fribourg. 

Let’s not forget the philosopher Tariq Ramadan and the King Juan Carlos I from Spain, who were both students at the university. 

Photos credit: ©Swiss Tourism





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