In the heart of the Valais plain and of the Rhône Valley lays the city of Sion. Sion is laid in a strategic location since the 4th century when the bishop’s palace was built there. 

For a long time, the city was under the shadow of its fellow town, Martigny. It was only around the year 1000 that it became a cultural centre.

Today, its ramparts are still visible at the Tours des Sorciers and the Tour de Guet. The old town, inherited from the middle ages is also very well preserved and there are still many landmarks there, such as the Majorie, the Supersaxo House and the Notre-Dame du Glarier cathedral, which attracts over 60,000 visitors each year. 

The city also has the most important vineyards of the Valais region, which mainly produce the Fendant de Sion (Swiss white wine), the Petite Arvine, the Cornalin and the Pinot Noir. 

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