As the third most populated city in Switzerland, Basel is a dynamic and trendy place, situated in the north-west of the country. It also shares a border with France and Germany. 

With about thirty museums and symbolic landmarks, Basel is among the cultural capitals of Europe. It is at the peek of contemporary art and design. The town centre, with its middle age features, hosts many monuments to discover, such as plazas, small streets, city hall and its sandstone-walled cathedral. 

The port of the city, situated on the Rhine River, has been active since medieval times and is one of the city’s greatest qualities, both for economy and tourism. Basel is also the birthplace of the mathematician Jacques Bernoulli and of the tennis player Roger Federer. Not to mention, it has also seen many famed names attend its university such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Paracelse. 

Finally, let’s not forget the FC Basel football team, Läckerlis (spicy bread flavoured biscuits) and the carnival, the biggest in Switzerland, which are all trademarks of the city. 

Photos credit: ©Swiss Tourism





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