In the heart of the French-speaking part of Switzerland, the city of Lausanne is located on a downwards hill and expands across many smaller hills on the Swiss plain up until the north banks of Lake Geneva. With its breathtaking views of the Alps and its unique location on the lake, the city is well reputed for those who love art and nightlife. 

Headquarter of the board of the International Olympic Committee, the city also provides lots of sport centres and equipment as well as sports paths along the lake banks. The city is also pioneering in eco friendly public transportation. It was the first city in Switzerland to put in place free bikes service and the only one to have an underground metro station. 

On the cultural scene, Lausanne stands out with its diverse museums, showrooms and the countless amounts of events that happen there during the year, such as the LUFF (Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival) or the Comptoir Suisse event. 

Lausanne holds beautiful historic sites such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral from the 12th century, its castles and of course, its 310 fountains spread across the city. 

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