Situated between Lake Neuchâtel and the Chaumont hill, the city of Neuchâtel is in a very advantageous location facing the Alps. 

Established in 1011, the city has kept its old city from this era, such as the Collégiale area, as well as its private hotels, whose sober style is reminiscent of Protestant traditions. As a historically significant watchmaking city, Neuchâtel is an important stop along the Route de l’Horlogerie (the Watchmaking Road), which begins in Geneva and ends in Basel. 

The city’s economy is strongly linked to watchmaking, as well as high-tech technologies and tourism. As a university city with reputed schools, Neuchâtel has a dynamic culture that combines numerous shows and museums. In addition to this, the presence of many students makes the city’s nightlife very lively. 

Located at the entrance of the Trois-Lacs region and the Jura, the city stands out through its well-preserved natural sites, as most of the region is in a protected zone. 

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